Positive life change through personal growth

Work With Nate

For all service levels, you have the freedom to choose either weekly or monthly sessions with Nate. ‘Lunch & Learn’ style coaching is also available at every level.

One-on-One Coaching

Nate is excited to offer one-on-one coaching to guide, sharpen, and strengthen your potential, your power, and your leadership through self-awareness. The initial coaching session will focus on what you want to accomplish through the coaching program. From there, Nate will develop a detailed plan designed just for you.

Coaching topics covered can range from character development and personal growth to leadership assessments and development.


Level 1 Coaching – Personal Development

The goal for this level is to get you on a path of consistently thinking about and acknowledging who you are. We use a personal assessment tool to help you align who you are with your emotions, life goals, and aspirations.

  • Initial session to determine internally who you are and what you want to get out of life
  • Option for weekly OR monthly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Can be in the form of Lunch and Learns
  • Access to e-mail, text, or phone support as needed

Level 2 Coaching - Goals, Priorities, and Vision Board

This is where we look more closely at where you are in life in regards to your family, community, career, etc. and develop an action plan to get you making more positive steps toward who you want to become and what you want to accomplish. This is done using the SMART GOAL Planning method.

  • Initial session to establish goals, priorities, and aspirations
  • Option for weekly OR monthly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Can be in the form of Lunch and Learns
  • Access to e-mail, text, or phone support as needed

Level 3 Coaching – Professional Development, Career, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Under this level, we focus on professional development and career aspirations, along with an introduction to fundamental aspects of emotional intelligence (the ability to identify and manage your emotions and the emotions of others). We also give you a leadership focus assessment to help you begin thinking about leadership and growing as a leader.

  • Initial session to perform analysis of current state of Professional Development, Career, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Assessment
  • Option for weekly OR monthly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Can be in the form of Lunch and Learns
  • Access to e-mail, text, phone support as needed

Team and Organizational Coaching

Team and organizational coaching is a fantastic way to bring groups together in a consensus around their commitment to doing quality work every day. Coaching creates a more cohesive approach to the work itself among the team members as it drives more mutual goals and fosters better communication. By coaching the members together, a consistency in language and in goals is built to shape the organization’s culture for greater productivity and profitability within the scope of its mission and values.

Group coaching topics include but are not limited to team building, leadership assessments and leadership coaching.


Level 1 Coaching – Identifying Team Skills for Development

The focus here is on understanding the basic framework of how to identify skills each member of your team and organization needs to develop.

  • During initial session we assess critical skills, competencies, essential functions and categories of work
  • SWOT Analysis, SMART GOAL Planning
  • Option for weekly OR monthly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Can be in the form of Lunch and Learns.

Level 2 Coaching – Connecting with Your Team

While high productivity is essential to every organization for growth and development, equally important is investing in people by connecting with your team.

  • Initial session establishes goals for individual team members and the organization as a whole.
  • Deep dive into how team members and managers are connecting.
  • Option for weekly OR monthly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Can be in the form of Lunch and Learns

Level 3 Coaching – Emotional Intelligence and Exploring Leadership

Vital to your growth as a leader is knowing yourself and understanding the people around you. Everyone has the potential to lead, but unlocking your Emotional Intelligence and Leadership potential requires making leadership a priority and putting in the work of being intentional about it.

  • Initial session to introduce the topics of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership and to assess these within the group members
  • Clarify the points of view of everyone within the team or organization.
  • Become intentional about self-awareness and understanding others through Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership exploration and harnessing Leadership potential
  • Option for weekly OR monthly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Can be in the form of Lunch and Learns

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind Groups

Whether comprised of an individual team or organization-wide, Mastermind Groups offer opportunities for exponential growth. This form of coaching, facilitation, and peer feedback fosters deeper conversation and laser focus on specific areas for growth.

  • In the initial session the goals for the Mastermind Group are decided collectively
  • Mastermind Groups areas of focus: Growth, Leadership, Communicating and Connecting, Real Success, Influence, and Dreams are Critical To Success
  • Option for weekly OR monthly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Can be in the form of Lunch and Learns

K-12 Public and Private Schools

In conjunction with the Global Youth Leadership Initiative, Nate offers speaking seminars on timely and relevant topics such as leadership (including leadership-building games), self-esteem, character, anti-bullying, and being positive in both success and failure.


Nate also offers seminars for staff, teachers, and coaches. With his encouraging message of gratitude for educators who have the heart to lead our children and who answer that call every day, Nate feeds their inspiration and challenges them to continue to grow and develop their passion for teaching.  Educators can also benefit from Nate’s team and organizational coaching programs.

Corporate and Business Organizations

As a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, and as a Project Management professional with over 10 years of experience, Nate offers a range of seminars and speaking engagements including leadership masterminds and seminars, leadership games sessions, and Lunch & Learns.

Sports Teams and Organizations

Starting from youth recreational programs and continuing into the high school, college, and professional levels, sports help prepare young men and women for living life committed not just to winning games, but to WINNING at life. Whatever the level of your team or organization, Nate’s speaking seminars and leadership trainings will inspire and instruct them in what it means to truly WIN for the organization and everyone invested in it.

Non-Profit Organizations

Through his training seminars, Nate works with non-profit and philanthropic organizations to foster team alignment and team building. He focuses on encouragement through the complexities of organizational change and on giving inspiration to keep teams moving forward with their important work while addressing the added layer that their work also involves their hearts.

Faith Based Organizations

Nate works with children, youth, auxiliaries, leadership teams, and boards of faith-based organizations using seminars on leadership, personal development and character growth topics. Nate focuses on the mission of the church and adheres to the pastor’s and governing board’s leadership in his presentations.